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About the Department

The Department of Management has been established at Graphic Era University with the objectives of creating world class business leaders who will take business enterprises to the pinnacles of success. The department is committed to create entrepreneurs who will set new benchmarks through creativity and innovation, create jobs for millions and contribute to the growth of the regional and national economy. The faculty of the department possesses diverse expertise like excellent academic credentials and industry with plethora of skills and knowledge base. Well known foreign professors also come to teach Graphic Era students as a part of the Faculty Exchange Program. The department offers specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, and Information Technology for its MBA and BBA program. There are currently more than 600 postgraduate and undergraduate students and 22 Ph.D. scholars enrolled in the department.

The real journey of learning starts at GEU and is for a lifetime. All programs offered at Graphic Era University are delivered with appropriate and customized teaching methodology. Teaching facilities integrate learning that assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across all levels and disciplines, giving a unique platform to each student to transform into professionals in their chosen field. The programs provide an excellent opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge, broaden their experience and develop their skills that will be of interest to potential employers. The social network that the students develop here, make the time that they spend here, even more rewarding.