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About the Department

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has the objective to prepare students for multiple careers fields and help them to flourish intellectually. This Department offers three study programs; BA Economics (Hons) and BA Psychology (Hons) and BA Political Science( Hons). The department is committed to producing professionals who possess critical thinking skills, knowledge of political, economic, social and cross-cultural forces and events that shape our world. We have created an open environment where students see themselves as active learners and understand how societies function in local and global settings.

The mission of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is to prepare students for lifelong learning and responsible democratic citizenship. Continuous Assessment of students learning and corrective measures are hallmarks of the education experience of the department.

Our vision is to make Department  of Humanities & Social Sciences  is to excel in  providing the core intellectual experiences,  encouraging discussion on all matters  that concern the well being and prosperity of our nation,  exploring  differing views while recognizing the cherished individual freedom to reach one’s own conclusions.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has mission to create leaders in the field of social sciences, who can bring positive changes in the society, lead others by example and become global citizens.
We are striving to bring excellence in education through a personalized academic environment that enshrines holistic knowledge and inspires critical thinking